Tanning Beds

We offer 4 levels of tanning beds:


Level 4:unnamed.png

Our 9-Minute Stand-Up will give you IMMEDIATE COLOR!!

 This powerful tanning unit provides music and high powered fans to make your tanning session even more enjoyable!!  You should use our Stand Up ONCE A WEEK to keep even tan lines!!


Our 12-Minute “TAN TODAY” tanning bed will give you the fastest results when you need to be tan tonight!!  Nearly 360 degrees of tanning lamps coupled with Four High Pressured Facial Lamps will give you the summertime glow you desire!!  High powered fans help keep you comfortable while tanning!!

Level 3:unnamed-1.png

Our 15-Minute Level 3 is a Premier Tanning Bed designed to give faster results in one session!!


With 40 high powered lamps and three high pressure facials, you will feel like you are laying in the sun!!

Level 2:unnamed.jpg

Our 20-Minute “Super Bed” will help you achieve your base tan in just a few sessions!!


Perfect for the beginner tanner!  It provides 34 Lamps with 3 Powerful Facial Lamps to give you that sunny hint of color!!

Level 1:SUNSOURCE24XP_400.jpg

Our 20-Minute Sunsource will help you obtain your base tan in just a few sessions!!



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