Customer Reviews

“I live in Atlanta, about 45 minutes from Barefoot and I drive all the way there to tan cause it’s amazing! The prices are the best. I have tried other places closer to me, but I got tanner in one session at Barefoot than I did in 2 weeks of tanning at other places in their highest level bed. All of the employees are great and very nice.  The owner is extremely nice, as well!” –Kristen

“I have been a loyal customer of Barefoot Beach for over 10 years now. Excellent service, immaculate rooms and beds, and the BEST spray tan I’ve ever had. (The prices are amazing too). Very happy tanner :)” -Amie

“Excellent tanning experience, owner and staff exceptionally friendly, clean facility, great beds with new bulbs. The best I have been to.” –Debra

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Barefoot Beach Tanning!  I actually live out of town but travel through the area and when I do,this is where I tan.  This is THE place to go.  It is the cleanest tanning salon.  Very friendly staff.  They care about you and your experience.  If you are in the area you should definitely try it.”  –Deb


Before and After Results,  Lotions That Customers LOVE, Spray Tans, Beds That Customers Recommend to Others, etc…

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